Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deep In Miami Podcast with Inner Rebels [005]

Welcome back to Deep In Miami Podcast series! On this week's edition we have a duo from France & Greece formed by Manos & Rafael Cerato who call themselves “Inner Rebels”.Their tracks and remixes were released on labels like King Street Sounds, Nurvous Records, Love Not Money Records, Sleazy Deep and many more.

They are supported by the likes of Nick Warren,Noir, Hot Since 82, Dennis Ferrer & Climbers. We hope you enjoy their mix as much as we do so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

1.Miguel Migs ft Meshell Ndegeocello - What Do You Want (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
 2. Thinking Of Us - Choices I ve made (Inner Rebels Remix)
 3.Serge Devant & Damiano feat. Camille Safiya-Fearing Love (Club Mix) 
4.Freakme-Trinity (Original Mix) 
5.Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul-Inmost Sense (Original Mix) 
6.Jonas Rathsman – Wolfsbane (Original Mix) 
7.Alex Niggemann - Materium (Original Mix) 
8.Pete_Grace – Illusion (Original Mix) 
9.Third Son - Delorean (Original Mix) 
10.Undercatt – Camargo (Original Mix) 
11.Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul – Carpo (Original Mix)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Deep In Miami Podcast with Marcelo Bertinetti [004]

Welcome back to Deep In Miami Podcast series! On this week's edition we welcome the Argentinian based producer and dj " Marcelo Bertinetti". He has been a regular on Making You Dance Records Compilations and we absolutely love his sound. An analog and vinyl lover, he continues to push the boundaries of his sound and his productions are very sought out. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

D33P - I Know It's You (E.P)

Not enough can be said about D33P's evident musicality but some of it can be translated in to the newest offering titled - "I Know It's You" Original mix, that will see a comprehensive release on his own imprint, D33P Music soon. The original flavor, laid back warmth has crucial quiet bass that thudders to make it a night time gem. The charm lies in the simplicity and catchy chord play. In its original form, it's an extremely effective tune that blends synth stabs, a kick and accompanying percussion, along with a funky stripped-down atmospherics that speak acid.
The imprint ropes in the legendary Inkfish to provide the first of the two remixes. His take amplifies a darker, languid pace that's both eerie yet easy to swoon to. Minimalistic drummy patterns, vocal peek-a-boo fills in the space of clatters and flutey melodics. 
The bass line and Notes float off into the ether, rarely coming back down to rest, except for the heavily chorded breakdown, perfect for start ups. 
The second remix see's Mimram giving a version to dance in delight with. It arrives with thumping funk. With subtle changes in the EQing that should make finding the perfect mix for the prospective DJ a very pleasurable task indeed. This version is languorous and perfect for going in to that peak time slot. Fitting in with the label's simplistic aesthetics wondrously.