Thursday, March 10, 2011

DJ Perez Bootleg Pack

Jeffrey Klaaysen Martin also known as DJ-Perez started to create tracks when he was 14 years old on Fruityloopshe was making alot of R&B tracks Hip Hop and Bubbeling. On his 16th he get serieus interest for house production.So he started on his 18th a training for producer skills, at SAE INSTITUTE ROTTERDAM.He learn how to master, create sound, use the Mic with a particular vocal and to isolating.Also he recived the best tips to do the job, and for him to start.After the training, he seriously begun doing House tracks. Last year on holyday in Lloret de Mar with the boys, the went to this club, and he whas listened a track of hime.He saw al the people bounce (goosebumps)At that moment he knew, this is what he would like to do, entertain people, let them experience and enjoy his tracks, give them a night that the never forget. In the meantime, was Perez working in off-corso and there it begins his intrerest grew up for minemal, dirty house, latin house, afro house. Sow perez callt some friends and tolt them that he was a beginning dj and that he want to learn how to spin on the table's, sow the give hime a chance and he was spinning at Coconuts and Hollywood Music Hall,Little by little, he learned more, and people ask perez about his tracks and when he must spin again.This motivated hime.... Little by little perez get more calls from organisation drop every wear his demo's and now you can find perez almost everywear, Bloemingdale, River Dance Festival, StrarBeach Contest, Viproom,Club Riva, Club Rox, Off-Corso, Coconuts Viproom (Haarlem), Lexion venue,Beach club Miljonairs Etc Ec
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DJ Perez & Rui Estevas - Jah Jah
DJ Perez - XTC Remix
DJ Perez - Mandero
DJ Perez - Let the Music Play Remix
DJ Perez - La Brass
DJ Perez - Distort
DJ Perez - Con Alegria Bootleg
DJ Perez - Berimbau Remix
DJ Perez - Ain't No Body


rick said...

Great tracks im loving it. Full support. Cant wait for more to come of his bootleg or release's. Let me know

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