Thursday, May 19, 2011

DeviceRATT [ Artist Spotlight ]

Here is a little about the tag team DJ DUO..
As a military brat with the opportunity to see the world at a young age, Tim Jones has a variety of musical influences that come from all around the world. Being influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder to John Digweed, his musical blends seem to be filled with a lot of funky beats and melodies. Other dj/producers such as Dj Dan, Donald Glaude, Lazy Rich, and Wolfgang Gartner have kept his ear for nasty electro alive. This is what motivates Tim to keep bringing the fire. Tim would start his musical journey in the early part of 2003 with F.L.I, a label he would start with several of his closest friends. While with the label he would discover his love and passion for electronic music. After this there would be no turning back. Tim has had the opportunity to play at some of the most popular spots in south Florida and on some very popular Internet radio shows, and he hopes to keep playing as many venues as possible. Eventually Tim would like to take the future of electronic music to the next level and reach as many people as possible.


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