Thursday, October 27, 2011

Producer & DJ Tools

Hey guys! I've decided to add this section to the website with different cool things about producing or DJ'ing ! Very soon I'll be posting around 20GB of acapellas and remix stems for your pleasure! You see, I really do believe sharing is caring and for all the other websites that don't share the same vision I got only one thing to say : GROW UP! The packs will be hosted by a 3rd party server ( Oron, Fileserve ) please don't bitch about this aspect. Both servers are free to use and if you really want smashing download speeds, go premium. Thank you and I'm looking forward to your feedback! 

All the packs contains 100 acapellas each. They are randomly picked and I think that this is a good way to stir your imagination when you work on some bootlegs,mashups and remixes! 
You can also thank me by sending a small donation via Paypal.
If you plan on using these studio acapellas for any commercial activities then please make sure you have permission. We accept no responsibility for the way in which you use these tracks and all acapellas are copyright of the respective artists; if you plan on making money with these acapellas then ask the artists first.
Download ALL Acapellas
Acapellas Pack 1
Acapellas Pack 2
Acapellas Pack 3
Acapellas Pack 4
Acapellas Pack 5
Acapellas Pack 6
Acapellas Pack 7 
Acapellas Pack 8 
Acapellas Pack 9 
Acapellas Pack 10 
Acapellas Pack 11
Acapellas Pack 12
Acapellas Pack 13
Acapellas Pack 14 
Acapellas Pack 15
Acapellas Pack 16
Acapellas Pack 17
Acapellas Pack 18
Acapellas Pack 19
Acapellas Pack 20 
Acapellas Pack 21
Acapellas Pack 22
Acapellas Pack 23
Acapellas Pack 24
Acapellas Pack 25
Acapellas Pack 26
Acapellas Pack 27
Acapellas Pack 28
Acapellas Pack 29
Acapellas Pack 30 [ New! Added Nov 2011] 


Anonymous said...


First off just wanted to say thank you for creating this site and sharing all this music with us it is much appreciated.

I had a question about the DJ tools you just posted, What are remix stems and how would be the correct way to go about them? I am new at this and would just like to experiment.

Also do you have a email address where i can get a hold of you at? I would like to talk about donations for your site.

Thank you


Hungry For Music said...

Hello Charlie! you welcome! I've spent countless hours on the internet putting this stuff together! Email me here and I'll explain you more about the remix stems! In the nutshell , basically the remix stems are the individual sounds from every song, like a kick drum, snare , bass , special effects and etc. That's what you basically need to REMIX a song. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I sent you a email did you by any chance get to read it?

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