Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christian Montaudon - Artist Spotlight

Born in Mexico City, April of 1986, Christian’s first memory of
music was listening to “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi, witch his father
used to play for him as a child. “ Music took to my imagination, evoked
emotion, and spoke to my soul.” He say’s describing the moment, “I’ve
been addicted ever since!”.
His musical journey continued by listening to Artists such
as “Queen” “Led Zeppelin” and “Pink Floyd” Saying “Taking LSD and
listening to The Wall opened my eyes to what it means to take a
journey through music “ It would not be until getting involved with DJ-
ing in 2009, prior to being a long time listener of EDM, that he would
find a way to build his own journey. “ Dj-ing is an art!” he say’s, “anyone
can take 2 tracks and mix them together, but not everyone can create
a story and evoke emotion and imagination, through piecing them
together in a way to make something truly unique. It is incredibly
He sights admiration for Dj’s like “Sasha”, “James Zabiela” and “
Lee Burridge” Saying “I love Dj’s whom you cannot put a label on. A Dj
who is truly educated in music and can create something special.”
Looking Into the future, Christian will be focusing his efforts on
producing music, and learning to create his own unique sound and
hopes to Live, Love, and share through Music.


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